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The Lucky Strike Gold and Gem Mine

We are open to the public all year    March 1st – March 31st 9 am – 5 pm    April 1st – October 31st 8 am – 7 pm   Nov 1st- Feb  10 am – 4 pm              except DEC 25.

Gold Panning

gold panning in north carolina

Gold Panning at The Lucky Strike Gold and Gem

Gold Material from the River

Buckets of ore are available here for gold panning in the comfort of our shedded panning area where you can take advantage of the experience of the seasoned prospectors on hand to help you learn to screen and pan for the gold. Very reasonable rates on all gold mining. So come and enjoy the day panning or searching for gold in The Second Broad river. We hope to see you on the banks of the river soon.

Gold buckets are:
2 Gal. = $10.00
4 Gal. = $15.00

Nugget bags are about 50 lbs:
$25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or $500.00.

Picker Bags

$30.00 & $60.00



crevising in north carolina